The Happy Pear on Building their Happiness Business

7 Jan 2019



Steve and Dave Flynn are the Happy Pear, a thriving plant-based business that started as a vegetable shop in Greystones, Ireland, in 2004. Since then, they've opened a cafe, they have their own farm (Pear Ville), they're selling their products all over Ireland and the UK, they've published three best-selling vegan cookbooks and have built a wonderful community online of over 500k people only on Instagram and YouTube together. 


I met these two inspiring irishmen at the Vevolution Festival 2018, where they gave a talk on 5 Tips to Live a Happier Life and I was part of a panel on Low Impact Living. They were the first ever YouTube channel that taught vegan recipes when I first went plant-based — I had been following them for three years so I knew what to expect, but seeing them doing handstands on the BFI stage was just the icing on the (vegan) cake. 



They came 'round to my flat in East London with, funnily enough, a cake, and we recorded this episode of the Cheeky Revolution podcast. You can go through the highligts of the show if you keep scrolling down or listen to it now on the player below.



"We've got this program running in wester culture which is work harder, be better, make more money, be successful. Whereas I think that paradigme is not working. (...) As society we need to re-focus on community, on connection, acceptance."




In this episode we chat about:

  • Business as a vehicle for social change.

  • Finding their passion by following their curiosity.

  • Ditching their toxic lifestyle and becoming healthier and happier.

  • The thin line between idealism and capitalism when building a business.

  • The power of community and how they brought 700 people together at 4:30am to swim in the ice-cold Irish sea. 

  • How their first book deal from Penguin Random House arrived and the response of the public after it.


"The main purpose was to try and (...) challenge our social conditioning; try to redefine ourselves."







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