Jasmine Hemsley: Meditation and Ayurveda in Your Life

18 Jan 2019

Jasmine Hemsley is a former British model that ditched her old lifestyle to become a chef and specialize in Ayurveda, the traditional Indian philosophy, believed to be +5000 years old. Jasmine founded her 'healthy' catering business back in 2010 with her sister Melissa Hemsley and the help of her boyfriend. They cooked for their private clients, celebrities and well-known brands. Together, they published two best-selling international books and presented a cooking TV show on Channel 4 in the UK. They also have a cafe in Oxford Street in London. 




"Science is verifying so much of this easter-western knowledge" 



Now, Jasmine has started her solo adventure with her book East by West in which she meshes the western dishes we've all grown up with and the traditional ayurvedic recipes to come up with the most delicious meals. I'm telling you, I've tried them.


Jasmine came round to my flat two days before me moving home so we recorded this episode of the Cheeky Revolution podcast in my cosy room (since the whole flat was in boxes and the echo was real). You can go through the highligts of the show if you keep scrolling down or listen to it now on the player below.




"We value productivity in the west and in modern society, but we don't value being, and stillness, and quiet, and reflexion and restfulness." 






In this episode of the podcast we chat about:

- Meditation: tips and benefits

- Ayurveda and the different ways you can apply it to your daily routine: doshas, meals...

- The structure of the day in the Ayurvedic Philosophy: the energies of the day (pita, vata, kapha)

- Going from one career to another

- The importance of pausing and resting








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