Dr. Bronner's Lisa and Mike Bronner podcast interview

8 Jul 2019



In this new episode of The Cheeky Revolution podcast my two wonderful guests are Lisa and Mike Bronner, they are the granddaughter and grandson of Emanuel Bronner, the founder of Dr Bronner's, an organic, fair-trade, cruelty-free, vegan and all-round responsible with the environment and the people who work for them company. 


Dr Bronner's is now a extremely successful company with presence in many countries around the world and their soaps are famous for being great for anything: your skin, your kitchen counters, washing your clothes, or your pets, or fruit and veg... The list goes on and on.


In this funny, engaging and entertaining interview we talk about the early days of the business when Emmanuel, their grandfather emigrated from Germany to the USA before World War II and started using the bottles of the soap as a means to share his ideas and philosophy. He advocated for peace and believed we are ALL ONE, which is Dr. Bronner's slogan today.


"The decisions we make reverberate around the world."

Lisa Bronner for The Cheeky Revolution Podcast.



They also share with me how is it that they built a fair trade network in Sri Lanka as part of a relief program after a tsunami. Spoiler alert: it wasn't easy and they created the path as they went. And we talk about 'Regenerative Organic' a new certification they are helping to develop and which will a clear sign a company is really here to change the game. 


I hope you enjoy this episode, it's full of great values and laughter. Please, leave a review - it really helps!



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