She is the author of the novel Flammae: Escucha las Señales (Flammae: Listen to the signs).  Graduated with a degree in Film, Television and Media Studies she is now based in London hosting and producing her podcast The Cheeky Revolution.


She started her career as a content creator online in 2010, at the age of 14, with a natural gift for the camera, her videos have been viewed over 28 million times on YouTube. Her work is mainly themed around environmental and social issues concerning climate change, mass consumption and human rights in developing countries. 


In 2017, Claudia presented a series of eight short documentaries commissioned by Greenpeace, which aimed to shed light on matters such as fast-fashion, plastic pollution or biodiversity. 


Also in 2017, she wrote, presented and edited Pregnant in High School, a short video piece with the NGO World Vision, where she explored the various factors that contribute to child violence and abuse in Bolivia. 








Shooting the shortfilm of Flammae: Listen to the signs.

'My mission is simple: to reconnect. I want to see us all working with the Earth, not at its expense. My motto in life is about celebrating individuality and embracing community.'


At the age of 22, she declined two editorial deals with the two biggest and most important publishing houses in the world to write her first fiction book Flammae: Listen to the Signs on her own. The novel was published on 29 December 2017 and sold out two editions in under a year.



Late 2018 she started producing her podcast series The Cheeky Revolution, in which she talks to the minds that are shaping the world today (from entrepreneurs to creatives), seeking to uncover how Success and Values mesh together. Airing on 7 January 2019.








'The issues are huge, that's why we need to talk about them in a way that brings them closer to people,' she says 'make them less overwhelming.'

Speaking at a Low Impact Living panel at the Vevoltion Festival 2018.